DP Pumps USA

Global industrial pumps manufacturer.


The DP Pumps Challenge

DP Pumps is a Dutch manufacturer of stainless steel multistage pumps for water & liquid management applications. DP wanted a more meaningful presence in the United States market than they had in prior years. Despite the company manufacturing some of the best pumps in the market, brand recognition was close to none and sales were at unacceptable numbers. As they established relatively aggressive sales goals, DP realized that they needed a more strategic sales and marketing infrastructure to begin achieving their goals.

The Plan

We integrated a multi-faceted/multi-channel approach to help them quickly establish brand recognition. We created the DP USA brand and developed a distributor-focused message that resonates primarily with pump distributors and OEMs. A marketing and lead generation system was established that directed qualified leads from new advertising, direct marketing and trade shows activities.

The Results

The company gained unprecedented traction within the industry and among distributors, OEM’s, and engineers.

  • Generated over 1200 new qualified leads – within the US & globally
  • 67% increase in new pump orders
  • 4.5X sales growth over their best year
  • Added 14 new major distributors