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B2B marketing is a complex, multifaceted process. There’s no instant gratification in the B2B sales cycles, so there’s no magic wand to achieving meaningful & long-lasting results.

It can take months to develop the deep relationships that result in big deals. If you want to improve revenue and reach the next level of success, you can’t afford to wait for the occasional windfall. The key to real growth is a pipeline filled with qualified prospects that your sales teams can nurture. But understanding how and where to connect with your target clients isn’t always cut and dry.

Key Marketing Challenges You Might Be Facing

Marketing will always seem like a waste of time and money if you can’t tell whether it’s having an impact on sales. Perhaps you’ve had experiences like this in the past with ineffective PPC campaigns, unfocused advertising, scattershot email marketing campaigns, and lackluster content. When strategic marketing and demand generation aren’t part of an integrated, creative, and streamlined workflow, the results are confusing and disappointing.


In most cases, smaller companies don’t have a dedicated team in place to take advantage of these opportunities. The Marketing Director wears multiple hats and just may not have the resources required to cover all the sales and marketing bases effectively. You are forced to make a choice between pursuing one avenue and leaving money on the table in other areas, or trying to do too much and getting poor results all around.


When your B2B marketing efforts aren’t on target with the right message and branding, the money and effort poured into online advertising, trade shows, direct marketing, and print campaigns translates into a very high cost for a small number of leads. If those leads are poor quality, there’s a double cost to your bottom line as your sales team chases down appointments that will never result in revenue. There must be a better way to identify and cultivate high-quality leads.

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Integrated B-to-B Marketing Services


• Brand Message Creation
• Name & Logo Development
• Visual Identity
• Positioning


• Landing Pages & Microsites
• Multi-Channel Campaign Dev
• Print & Direct Mail
• Thought Leadership Content Creation
• Trade Show / Exhibition Marketing


• Search Engine Marketing
• Search Engine Optimization
• Email Marketing & Automation
• Content Marketing
• Blogging


• Website Design
• Responsive Website Development
• Web Copy Development & Optimization
• Landing Page & Microsites
• Analytics


• Communication Strategy and Planning
• Corporate Social Responsibility
• Employee Communications
• Reputation Management
• Media Monitoring and Analysis


• Product Videos
• Explainer Videos
• Training Videos
• Testimonial Videos

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Case: DP Pumps USA
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15 Oct 2015
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For over 2 years, the quality marketing and creative execution Adapt provideD, helped make renewed presence in the U.S. market a huge success or us! The quality leads that our sales team receive are overall much higher than ever before, and we continue to get great results from our trade shows. Adapt makes my job easier, and our marketing investment profitable. I recommend Adapt Marketing & Design to any company serious about change and growth.

Frits Smallenbroek
DP Pumps Global Distribution Sales Manager

Testimonial Frits Smallenbroek

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